Why You’re First

We think quality of life is more than just meeting basic needs, we truly believe in improving the quality of our client’s lives.  Our goal is to help our clients thrive not just survive; this is why we think outside the box for the clients we serve and tailor a care plan around their special needs and their personality.  No two people are alike so it only makes sense that their care should be specifically designed for them.  With clients ranging from nineteen months to ninety-eight years, their care plans are as unique as they are.

At You’re First we understand caring for the entire person is essential.  That is why all of our care plans incorporate social and emotional support alongside their physical plan of care.  Our unique care programs allow us to concentrate on each person individually focusing on the qualities of life that we can best serve. We offer services unlike any other in this industry.

Our clients are not just a job to us. It would be a privilege for us to come into your home and provide the quality care and companionship you or your loved one deserves. Our staff is committed to you… You’re First when it matters most!


We seek to hire the best of the best, expecting more from our team members, therefore paying them more than the industry average.   Our turnover is minimal; in fact, many who joined our team when we opened our doors are still happily employed with us today, which is a rarity in health care.  The benefit to the client is that they can take comfort knowing a friendly and familiar face will be there, one they come to rely on and develop a relationship with based on mutual respect and understanding.    In addition to our tough screening process and initial training program, it is our policy to continuously train our team members, certifying them in disease-specific areas such as Dementia, Parkinson’s, Stroke and Diabetes.  Since they work so closely with the clients, they have an active role in developing care plans for the clients they serve.  Their input is key to the success of ourthrive not just survive” mission.